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A   S P O K E N   W O R D  
C A N   I G N I T E   A 
F I R E   O F   R E V I V A L
We believe in the power of your story.  Sharing the story of one life, can change many.
We will be sharing stories of women with unique and incredible stories, all over the world, with the sole purpose of inspiring others to keep pushing forward.  Life can be hard... no, life can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult.  Sometimes the person that can help you most is someone you've never met, lives across the country, but has a story that will dig right into the place of your heart and help you right where you are, when you need it most.  My dream is to connect women all over the world, through video stories, blogging, social media, and shopping...  all in one place.  Right here, at the home of MOXIESAINTS.  
We have 4 tremendously powerful stories headed your way soon over the next couple of months.  These women changed my life by listening to their story.  I'm beyond honored to be able to give these ladies, my MOXIESAINTS, a platform to share their stories of overcoming incredible odds, with you and the world.  I know you will be moved.
If anyone has a story you'd like to share, please contact me here at  
I will get in touch with you as soon as I am able.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  Walk in hope, go with courage, and remember, don't let anyone steal your crown!!

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